Photographing comes from the ancient Greek, phôtós (light) and gráphô (to write), literally: to write with light. It is this particular writing that I chose for my personal diary.

The few years spent as a colorist were most striking. They really made me aware of color and now I won’t be able to photograph without attaching great importance to it.

The Perche Vendômois is my native region, I spent the first two decades of my life in this peasant environment. Fields and trognes were therefore part of my environment. It was a real pleasure to browse this campaign again to find some of these trees and introduce them to you.

This phonet site allows you to look at the photos of each item as in an exhibition. For this, please pay attention to the miniature gallery that is at the end of each presentation. As indicated in the box, by clicking on one of these photos you will be able to see it all over the screen with an entirely black frame. Which will be ideal to fully appreciate the colors. Then you can scroll using the arrows of your keyboard all the images of the article.

Other articles are being prepared. I’ll add them to this blog later. Do not hesitate to log in to discover them.

Files in a shop window on rue Raspail in Paris